American Reformed Church

Woodstock, MN


Children's Ministry

FW Friends & Co.

Wednesdays | 6:00-7:30pm

FW Friends & Co. is our mid-week program for kids Kindergarten through 5th grade, with a training/equipping element added for 6th-12th graders. It meets on Wednesday nights, 6:00-7:30pm, September through March. It’s a high-energy, Bible-based ministry that majors on relationship and celebrating God together as friends. Teens pair with kids each week as Bible-memorization buddies.

Sunday School

Sunday Morning | 11:20am-12pm

Sunday School classes meet each Sunday, September through May, for children preschool-aged through 6th grade. We use active, Bible-based curriculum and prioritize helping kids to practically live out their faith.

Vacation Bible School

Summer - Around end of July, beginning of August

VBS happens each summer, usually at the end of July or beginning of August. Kids, ages preschool-those entering 5th grade, have opportunity for fun-filled, action-packed, learning, singing, crafting, playing, and who knows what under the dynamic care and supervision of many dedicated adults and teenagers.

Youth Ministry

Youth Group

Sunday Nights | 6:00-7:30pm

Youth group for teens grades 6-12 happens on Sunday nights, 6:00-7:30pm. It’s an amped-up, ball-flying, fun-sharing beginning followed by in-depth digging into God’s Word, and, of course, SNACKS!

High School Girls' Small Group

6:00-7:30pm, Same time as Youth Group

9th-12th grade girls can forego the crazy game time, if they like, and enjoy socializing and snacking before a deep, discussion-based Bible study fashioned specifically for their depth of interest. Small group meets at the parsonage.

Sunday School

Sunday Morning | 11:20-12pm

Teen Sunday School is for 7th-12th grade students. It’s highly-interactive, discussion-oriented searching in and learning from the Word.


At PAS: Wednesday 7:45-8:10am | At EP/SWCHS: 7:45-8:10am | At RTR: 11:03-11:23am every other Friday

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is strongly supported in both Pipestone and Edgerton by ARC. We feel that once-a-week prayer, worship, devotion, and fellowship amongst teens of various churches ON THEIR CAMPUS makes a HUGE difference in their growth in Christ and in their identity as a follower of Jesus.

Trips and Activities

Teens are an active bunch, so we offer frequent opportunities for fun, socializing, and growing in faith. We annually attend a youth conference in the spring and plan a mission trip in the summer. We take advantage of concerts and special events in the area. We go ice skating, skiing, on retreats, to Sky Zone, ValleyFair, and whatever other fun we find. We also give opportunity to serve regularly at The Banquet in Sioux Falls as well as through serving kids in our own church with FW Friends, VBS, Sunday School and in the nursery.

FW Friends & Co.

Wednesdays | 6:00-7:30pm

The teens have their own game time and Bible time in our midweek program. The teens play a special and crucial role with the kids by being their Bible-memorization buddies each week. Also, the 9th-12th graders have the option of being game, music, and drama leaders.

Adult Ministries

Small Groups

Small groups meet for a six-week session in October and November and another six-week session in February and March. Groups meet in homes, generally use DVD curriculum, and are focused on building stronger relationships with one another as we build strong relationship with God.

Sunday School

Sunday Morning | 11:20am-12pm

Adult classes meet at the same time as the children’s and teen classes, September through May. Various classes are offered so everyone has a class where they can fellowship and grow together.

Ladies’ Night Out

1st Sunday in December | 5:30pm

Women love to get together and this is a fun, Christmas event for all the women in the family. Low key but with lots of laughter. The more the merrier!

Men's Night Out

Random Sunday before spring planting

Not to be outdone by the women, the men have their night out, too. You never know what’s going to show up but it’s always a good time with plenty of great food and plenty to talk over and laugh about, too.

Fellowship Dinners

Who doesn’t love to eat? And we have some great cooks at ARC! Whenever we have a good excuse, we plan a meal together after church. Everyone is always welcome!

Hymn Sings

Every Sunday | 9:30am

The old favorites are enjoyed before morning worship on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.

Praise Team

Practice: Wednesday | 7:00pm

All musicians are welcome to be part of the praise team!

Various Other Activities

Ideas just pop into our heads sometimes and before you know it, we’re getting together for more fun, fellowship, prayer, service, or a mixture of all of it. You never know how the Spirit may lead . . .